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What we offer?

Green Power Fotovoltaico


Faster in Pr

  1. Disused (without service for more than a year)

  2. Change of Service

  3. For repair (Meter base and delivery point)

  4. Consumption and census (consumption problems)

  5. ICE (For Theft)

  6. Free way (Cleaning of substation or repair)

  7. For banks (Mortgages)

  8. Insurance and Fire

  9. of generators

  10. Photovoltaic systems

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Insure your life and property against fire and dangerous voltage drops! If you have noticed dips in the intensity of the lighting, the stove, the smell of burning or strange noises, it is time to replace the distribution panel and carry out a review. Take advantage of the replacement of obsolete distribution panels  with a new one.

We have more than 20 years of experience in diagnosis of short circuits, repair of electrical circuits and methods of alternative electrical installations for the distribution of your home ,trade or rewiring of conduits. We verify  the state of insulation of the wires and we provide you  the best  alternatives. 

Faults in meter sockets are frequent and sometimes manifest as loss of voltage in different circuits or sometimes even complete loss of service depending on the fault. If you encounter a similar problem, it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis to determine the cause and open the counter ring.

We provide electrical certifications of all kinds for the Bayamon Levittown metro area as soon as possible. We obtain Electrical Certifications for Repairing or renewing facilities such as residential comemercial and industrial structures ,transclosures,switch units underground or aerial. Certifications for installed Generators , Certifications for solar systems and much more.

We install propane, diesel or generic gasoline generators. We provide you with the load census to know the amount of Kilowatts needed and all the useful tips to choose your emergency generator. We install automatic transfer switch and we get you certified.

We run different diagnostic tests and load census for energy demand. Thermographs of distribution panels for companies, insulation and ground tests of electrical systems, load surveys and ground deviation for energy consumption problems.

We guarantee a safe, efficient and eco-friendly installation. We take care of providing you with a concept of daily use of the system, loading it automatically and using it whenever you like. Get the most out of solar energy.GFDI Protected 

Fire protection in photovoltaic modules. Protection against lightning strikes. Lic PPE-PV 0914

We install any type of luminaire and we provide you with the experience acquired in the field of lighting both for simple replacements, lighting for modern environments, upgrading luminaires to LED technology and lighting control by smart zone devices or simple dimmers.

The Expert Electrician certification ensures that you legally comply with the requirements to intervene between Luma facilities and the private sector. The Expert Electrician services are also necessary to provide you with the security you need and the Expert Electrician certification is the guarantee that this security is Comply and respect. I carry out countless electrician services from the construction of facilities, renovation of electrical systems, replacement of circuits or devices, upgrading and development of solar and emergency systems, diagnosis of motor circuits and dry transformers.

Secondary main breaker 400 amp
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