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We deliver all electrical installations short-circuit proof. We provide efficient electrical installations, reducing Watt/hour consumption and increasing the useful life of the wiring. Do not think about superficial electrical repairs, demand safe electrical installations.

Our professional electrical installations improve the environment and certifications protect your property.

We work all kinds of electrical installations for commercial and industrial residential service with pipes or ducts for interior or exterior installations.

We provide quick solutions for electrical distribution installations, electrical short circuit repairs, retrofit of commercial lighting installations, replacement of panels and electrical certifications for Luma.

Sometimes wiring repairs can be carried out without the installations  affecting the aesthetics of your home or business. If you lack assistance in planning electrical installations, repairs and certifications we do circuit testing , it's probably time to check out the different facilities available.


Work in hazardous classified explosion-proof electrical installations, class and division electrical installations.

I run electrical power installations for recording studio and television free of interference and noise.

We provide electrical installation service in the metro area for any method of lighting or architectural lighting. I execute electrical installations according to the current regulations of the National Electrical Code 2020 and I provide the necessary security for the certifications  required by Luma. I expedite assistance where you want to eliminate obsolete installations, achieve efficiency in watt/hour consumption, plan installations for intelligent lighting and build  renewable energy electrical installations. I am in charge of dealing with electrical installations, repairs and certifications from start to finish without compromising your time and I take care of leaving the service and electrical installations clean and operational. I am very meticulous in commercial electrical installations , be they restaurants, gas stations, banks, department stores , mechanical garages The security and certifications that you can request in the future depend on them.

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