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Installing Solar Panel

Remote systems

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Photovoltaic systems

We are state-certified and authorized photovoltaic system installers to develop any photovoltaic installation in Puerto Rico.

Our interest is to advise you on all types of photovoltaic systems on the market, provide you with the right tools so that you can choose the type of system that best suits your budget and needs.

Choosing a photovoltaic system is not a simple decision and for this reason we want to guide you in the process of selecting the equipment and drawing that best suits your needs.

The approach we use is custom, we first assess how much power you need for daily use and then proceed to draw up a drawing of the system.

The installation stage is the final one and although it is perhaps the most important, it is not the critical part of the process.

We focus on the selection of your system, we develop your project and we carry it out, taking care of all the details of research, planning and development of the project.

Let us guide you, let us plan your energy freedom!

Photovoltaic array installation

Interactive system

Remote System

Solar Panels
Sun Beat all-in-one system

Monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells

All our photovoltaic panels are approved for net metering and guaranteed for up to 25 years. Modules of monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells of more than 400 watts per module.

Sun Beat inverter and lithium battery
Grre Power Photovoltaic

We can offer you any type of photovoltaic system that fits your needs, be it a system only connected to the grid for energy saving purposes, a system that works off the grid for self-consumption and energy backup purposes, or a combination. from both. We provide the best materials and equipment on the market in Puerto Rico, latest generation photovoltaic modules with a capacity of more than 400 watts per monocrystalline type module, lithium iron phosphate batteries of 10 kilowatts 20 kilowatts or more in closed and aesthetically beautiful cabinets and clean. We install inverters of more than 5 kilowatts or 8 kilowatts of the latest generation at the forefront of technology and with the capacity to move practically any load in your home or business. We monitor the installation and we provide you with the possibility of monitoring the amount of energy that enters and consumes with the photovoltaic system through an application that you can comfortably view on your phone or on your PC. We provide the security that a photovoltaic system requires by installing equipment that prevents fire and provides the possibility for firefighters to disconnect the system and stop producing energy instantly. We are the choice you need to choose to achieve what you have always wanted: your energetic freedom!

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